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Basil Theofanides
The Dog Trainer - Life Coach for Dogs Basil is the Training Director of Command Dog Training School a leading professional dog training organization based in Melbourne, Australia.
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Basil Theofanides

Basil is the Training Director of Command Dog Training School a leading professional dog training organization based in Melbourne, Australia.

He is one of few Nationally Accredited Trainers & Assessors by the Official Government Accreditation Authority working in the industry and has been an expert witness in court cases involving dog attacks & has provided Temperament Assessments in many such cases for dog owners.

Basil's Boot Camp segment was featured in 26 episodes of the 2009 series Talk To The Animals - Channel 9 Saturdays.



Basil's training & instructing expertise spans over 25 years, which began when he acquired his first puppy a German Shepherd Dog, through the Kamarn Breeders Foundation.

This was a scientific breeding organisation for the selective breeding of German Shepherd Dogs in Australia. During his time with Kamarn, Basil trained & conditioned young pups which were then donated to the Australian Customs Department as sniffer dogs.

Moreover he has trained dogs at boarding kennels and security dogs for man-dog teams.

As a professional dog training educator Basil understands the importance of improvement. Consequently, he continually upgrades his instructor skills through attendance of industry seminars such as Both Ends of the Leash with Dr Patricia McConnell.

Basil’s consultancy on canine behavior and training has included many celebrities and stars including Rhonda Burchmore and “Buster”, Jacqueline Pascarl and “Mac, Magda Szubanski and “Jane”, Suzie Wilks and “Joseph”, Collette Mann and “Hercules”, Alan Fletcher and ”Teddy”, Jane Kennedy and”Gracie” Tim Smith and ”Mutton” and Max Walker and “Gertie”.

He has also appeared on Burke's Backyard, Talk To The Animals, A Current Affair and on talkback radio. His Kindergarten Puppy Program has been featured in Dr Harry Cooper’s video, “Buying and Caring for Your Puppy”.

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“I am passionate about my work and take it personally if a customer is not happy with my service. When I first started professional dog training 25 years ago, my mission was to provide high quality training programs to dog owners across Melbourne by employing a holistic approach for each client. I’m probably more a coach for dog owners than just a trainer. I will teach you simple yet effective methods to take control of your dog and make your canine household a happier one”.

Basil Theofanides - The Dog Trainer


• Training Director and founder of Award Winning Command Dog Training School, one of the
leading & most successful professional dog training schools in Melbourne, AUSTRALIA

• Member of the Animal Care & Management Standing Committee Primary Skills Victoria

• Lectured to the Pet Industry Association of Australia (PIAA) on "Dealing With Aggressive
Dogs in the Boarding Kennel".

• Consulted to the Department of Justice, Correctional Services Division on their Dog Trainers

• 3 years military service with 2 Commando Company ARES - Williamstown

• President & founding member of the AAPDT (Australian Association of Professional Dog
Trainers Inc).

• Program Director DTA (Dog Trainers Australia)

• Key member of the writing group with the Bureau of Animal Welfare for the development of
Codes of Practice for Dog Training Establishments & Day Care & Boarding Establishments.

• Consults regularly to the government on canine issues

• Key presenter on canine aggression and behaviour for the AMO (Animal Management
Officers) Regional Training Seminars 2006, Bureau of Animal Welfare, Victoria

• Regularly conducts Canine Communication workshops for Animal Management Officers

• Has been featured on Burke's Backyard, Talk To The Animals, A Current Affair, talkback radio
and on Dr Harry Cooper's video "Buying & Caring For Your Puppy".

• Private training provider for Victorian State Government Animal Management Officers and
Local Councils on canine aggression.

• Presenter on puppy training videos


• 1st Vice President of Lions Clun Nunawading



















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